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Gordon Lees

Originals by Gordon Lees

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> Paintings by Gordon Lees

Original oil paintings by Gordon Lees, landscape artist - wonderfully detailed work.

Gordon Lees was born in Birmingham, England in 1933.

Lees is a self-taught artist who came late to full-time painting, having first had careers in the RAF, industry, mining, commerce and, finally, in plastics design where he was a successful industrial stylist.

Throughout these years, Gordon Lees painted and exhibited in what spare time he had. By the mid-seventies, the demand for work by Gordon was such that he decided to become what he had always wanted to be - a full-time artist.

Gordon Lees delicate style and attention to detail enable him to create the feel and atmosphere of the English countryside and also to reflect the traditional values of a rural England now so sadly missed.

Gordon lives in the West Country where he can draw much inspiration for his nostalgic scenes.

Gordon Lees' paintings have been exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London, the Home Counties and many leading galleries throughout the UK, America and Japan.

In recent years, Lees' work has also become well known on greeting cards throughout the country.


Lower Slaughter - by Gordon Lees

Lower Slaughter - by Gordon Lees
14" x 8"
Price £700


Old Annaling by Gordon Lees

Old Annaling by Gordon Lees
24" x 14"
Price £1,000


Broadway - by Gordon Lees

Broadway - by Gordon Lees
14" x 8"
Price £700


GL015 - by Gordon Lees

GL015 - Original painting by Gordon Lees
20" x 16"
Price £425


GL013 - by Gordon Lees

GL013 - by Gordon Lees
15" x 11" Price £700


GL014 - by Gordon Lees

GL014 - by Gordon Lees
15" x 11" Price £700


CFA-Barge - by Gordon Lees

CFA-Barge - by Gordon Lees
12" x 16" Price £395


GL012 - Harbour Life - by Gordon Lees

GL012 - Harbour Life - by Gordon Lees
20" x 12"


- Village Deliveries

NEW Gordon Lees Village Deliveries


Gordon Lees - Harbour Lights

NEW Gordon Lees Harbour Lights


Gordon Lees Country Inn

NEW Gordon Lees Country Inn


Gordon Lees Original Oil On Canvas - Venice Scene

NEW Gordon Lees Original Oil On Canvas - Venice Scene
GL016 - 16 inches x 12 inches (Unframed)



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